The role definition process

The Why

Change is the only constant, especially in modern work environments. Organizational structure changes, teams change, focus changes etc. every day. It’s even more important to know what this means for individual roles. The goal of the role definition process is to foster purpose, focus and clarity in order to understand the defined scope and responsibility better. With our help you can use the definition process for roles to make things explicit and to discover questions. This will help leads and employees understand and sharpen their role together to go forward with constructive and efficient work.

The Target-Group

Leads, employees and teams in change with new scopes within the company or with the need for more clarity.

The Process

The process for role definitions is facilitated by us or by trained facilitators from within your company. Here you can find a sneak peak into our agenda:

  • Get insights into our procedure
  • Vision/ Mission Statement
  • Sharpen focus
  • Clarify responsibilities
  • Skill-level analysis
  • Delegation level analysis
  • Supporting factors
  • Time frames and future retrospectives
  • Reflection and outlook

The Product

We have three different packages you can book. For the individual role, for whole teams and a training for enabling employees to become in-house role definition process facilitators.


"After the role definition meeting my role was clear and I could finally work with focus"



"After the role definition process meeting I did not only understand my employees role better - I also had a better understanding about my own role as a lead"



"This process opened up many new questions before the first one got solved. This was not just an easy but an important step for clarification, decision making and delegation levels"